04 July 2009

Free Car Repair And A Fish Taco

So Friday Mandar was off work in observation of Independence Day. We left early because we had to go back to get our car repaired again. The service center hasn't been doing a bad job or anything, it's just my car keeps having something wrong with it.

It all started in May. I took my car's back tires to the limit. As far as I could possibly go without blowing a tire. So I needed to get two new back tires... immediately. $180 there. *insert cash register sound*

For a few weeks I'd been hearing some rattling when I breaked on a hill. I took it to the place where I purchased my car for repair (I figure they'll do a half-decent job at the least since they will want me to purchase there again). Turns out I needed a front end alignment as well as a bunch of shit replaced in the front. With parts and labor, $530. *insert cash register sound*

So a few weeks went by and then I was hearing another noise. It was only when I came to a full break. It was not really a new noise, it was a noise I had heard over top the old noise. I take it back to get checked out again and it was only $118. *insert cash register sound*

So a few more weeks go by and yet again, something else is wrong. Now we're up to the present. We arrived at noon and waited for forty minutes in the waiting room. Finally the guy comes out and tells us that the steering column needs replacing. This didn't really surprise me cos when I breaked the steering wheel felt like it was gonna pop out at times. He tells me that with parts and labor it would be approximately $825. *don't insert cash register sound*

I shit my pants. But to my surprise he tells me, "I talked to my manager and he tells me that he knows that you've been in and out of here a lot, dealing with a lot of rattling noises. So he told me to go ahead and replace it and do everything for no charge."

I shit my pants again. Doing shit like that makes me want to buy a car from them again. Considering what a shit hole GM is in right now and how horrible the economy is, doing an eight hundred dollar repair for free is amazing. This is the mark of a good repair place.

My parents and Aurora have also used this dealership for repairs and have never had a single complaint. In fact Aurora herself has received free repairs in the past as well.

Not everyone loves them though. Supposedly Pandora got a repair there and she says they used tape to fix her car and they had to pay twice for the same repair. She freaks out when she hears that we get our car repaired there. Oh well. Can't please everyone.

Now, Pandora's boyfriend tells us to go to Bill Harris's dealership and have our car repaired there.

Well, there's four big problems with Bill Harris. First, they have have a bullet-hole in the class in the front of their dealership. Second, we almost bought a car there after four days of attempting to make a deal. In those four days we looked at nearly ten cars ranging from two hundred dollars a month to four-hundred and fifty dollars a month. After too much jerking around we just left. Third, on November 4th 2008 Bill Harris's dealership threw the biggest party in our town for John McCain, calling their dealership Republican Victory Headquarters. Talk about a way to totally alienate a huge portion of your prospective clients. Fourth, Bill Harris is not just a dealership owner, he's a politican.

I've never had a problem with the dealership I bought my car from. When I bought it, I showed up in the morning, picked the car I wanted, waited for approval, signed paperwork, and drove off with my brand new car that very day without a single problem.

So anyways, now onto the Fish Taco. After we left the dealership with my car (which breaks fantastically now), we went into town to get food to go over to Aurora's house. We got a buncha of regular tacos from Taco Bell and then went through Long John Silver's to get two Fish Tacos.

The Fish Taco is simply amazing. I love it! I love it! Aurora loves it too.

That's all.

Fish Taco = Crazy Delicious.


mac said...

Wow, you really caught a break with the steering column replacement.
Free = Awesome :-)

Yesterday, driving home, my truck broke down. I think I've narrowed it to the fuel pump. Today, Sunday, I thought I would ride the morotcycle to work....FUCK, it rained for the first time in 6 weeks. I don't mind getting a little wet, but it was a downpour - and at 6:15 AM, I ain't getting soaked!

I had to borrow the (soon to be)ex's little SUV. I wonder what that's gonna cost me down the road ;-)

Oh well, I'm glad for you. At least someone is catching a break now and then :-)

mac said...

Fish Taco?

Sounds like date night at the ole mac house ;-)

Mandar Malum said...

its pretty awesome that they replaced it for free considering the economy.

Pandora said...

For the record...I didn't say they replaced it with tape. The "fixed" something, did a shit job and had to "fix" it again a few weeks later. The guy I deal with there is always an asshole so I don't go back.