06 July 2009

Adorable Animals I Never Knew Existed

For the Fourth of July Mandar and I found out that the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo was having a special. $2 off admission if you wear red, white, or blue, as well as free admission to the Rainforest and the Dinosaur Exhibit. Hot damn we said!

We had a really fun time. The weather was perfect. It was the first time I'd ever been to that zoo and I really enjoyed it. I feel like I was way closer to the animals than I ever get at the Columbus Zoo.

So anywho, we found...

Oh wait...


There was this HILARIOUSLY fun Asian lady who was tempting this monkey with a tasty sammich. You see, there is this thing called Monkey Island. There is no cage or anything. It's just an island with a little river going around the entire island.

So there she was, shoving a huge sammich in her fat gob. Every once in a while she'd take a moment to stop eating and wave the sammich around in front of the monkeys! They got so pissed and she just kept doing it. It was great.

I wish the picture I snapped of her was of her waving the sammich but apparently it was so good she couldn't stop shoving it into her face. We saw her eat two sammichs total.

So anywho...

There were three adorable little animal I had never heard of that I just loved. The pictures below are not from the zoo, they're from online.


Rufous Elephant Shrew

Rock Hyrax

The Rock Hyraxes had lots of little babies who have back legs that look like little human legs. They're such little chub balls and believe it or not they are more closely related to elephants than rodents.

The Chevrotains have such tiny legs that they ran around like they were wearing high heels. The Elephant Shrews looked like tiny little ant-eaters.

I bet they would have loved to take a bite of the fun asian lady's sammich.


BarnStormer said...

Quite interesting creatures indeed!

I especially like the Chevrotain.

mac said...

A few years back, while living in Fl, I visited the local zoo.
The zoo was pretty small. Not much to see - save for the monkeys :-)

I know monkeys are pretty common to some, but one monkey at this zoo had a noticable fondness for me. She ran to me, sticking her tail through the cage for me to touch.
It was soooo cute. She'd screech at the kids, but just wrap her li'l tail around my fingers and hang out. I stayed for what must have been an hour. I was amazed by my new monkey "friend". (just a little creeped out later too?)

Of course my family thought it was right in line with me. My inner cave-man being so prominent and all.

I might have had to take the sammich away from the asian lady...nobody picks on my friends ;-)