06 May 2009

The Voice Of The People

So I went looking for a nice polo shirt today and I had to poop. So I went into the bathroom and found some of the best graffiti I have ever seen. Enjoy it below. Oh and try spot the spelling error.


Mandar Malum said...

I spotted the error! What more can you expect from the people around here?

mac said...

What no phone numbers to call for a "great BJ"?

The Maze Monster said...

I know! WTF! I was so needing one right then!

Asylum Seeker said...

Best bathroom graffiti I've ever seen:
-Scrawling that posed a question to the janitor about how much he will be paid to clean it, followed by "gotta love capitalism". Other graffiti in the same stall has been cleaned up, but that one has remained.
-The phrase "Republicans Suck" on a door for the stall, and a long-ass rant about how such a statement is not a good argument or a way to start a conversation on the adjacent wall written by another person. Bathroom stall graffiti: Serious business.
-And the phrase "Wu Tang" carved into the toilet paper dispensers in every male bathroom stall in a building.

Runners up include a small poem about taking a crap, and a statement musing about how internet comments are like graffiti. I believe that there is ample evidence now that he was not wrong about that similarity...

mac said...

I saw a good one on last weekends trip to Florida, somewhere in the pits of a Georgia hell hole of a Truck-stop:

Captains log;
Star Date 05172009. Just beamed down to take a shit.