20 May 2009

47 Million Years And Waiting

It's clear that no matter how much proof there is, they'll never accept it. Especially when they believe the proof is just made-up by those evil and deceptive scientists!!! Religious people once said "there aren't any transitional fossils!" And now that there are hundreds they say, "Fossils don't prove anything!" Way to move the goal posts!

Hehe. I wonder how many people goggle pissed off with the image above. Darwin's birthday logo was subtle. This is just slap in the face to creationists and I love it!


mac said...

This is blasphemy!

Yeah, I know, the truth usually is :-)

Mandar Malum said...

I love the google image, its awesome that they did that. I was fond of the Darwin day one as well!

Asylum Seeker said...

Eek. "Disciple of science"? Might as well have called them Missionaries! But, still, quite a thorough and simultaneously succinct job.