09 June 2009

I'm So Exicted.... And I Just Can't Hide It...

So there's a lot of stuff coming out in the second part of this year that I'm excited for. Yeah, I know. I'm a pop culture whore. Some of it's guilty pleasure, some not. Either way, I'm pumped! Recently I was very satisfied with the new Taking Back Sunday CD as well as the new Marilyn Manson CD. Mandar and I are also loving the Sims 3 so I hope what still is to come won't disappoint.

True Blood: Season 2 - June 14th

Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince - July 15th

Wii Sports Resort - July 26th

Julie & Julia - August 7th

New Cobra Starship CD - August 11th

I Can Do Bad All By Myself - Sept 11th

New Super Mario Bros. Wii - Holiday Season

In addition I am also looking forward to the new Richard Dawkins book for which I couldn't really find a good YouTube video for. There are also new Tarkan, Shakira, and Atreyu CDs slated for release this year!


Mandar Malum said...

I am looking forward to all these things as well!
Julie and Julia looks like its gonna be really good... but whats up with Meryl and that balled guy always being in stuff together? haha

mac said...

A week ago the soon to be ex-wife switched over from DSL to cable.

Our internet was great. But, however, the cable suffered greatly. The reception was of such a poor quality I could barely stand watching the darned thing. Premium channels were not available at all.

Friday, the repairman came to fix it. It seems that with the cable line running so far from the tap, and being branched through the house(it's sorta big) we had a significant loss of signal power, it took him a while to figure all this out..........(almost as long as this posting? ;-), But he has fixed our problem, just in time to see "True Blood" when the season starts.